In this post I will talk about going through the process of being diagnosed. In 2005, I was dealing with the following symptoms: Trouble with my gate Heat sensitivity Blurred (…Read More)

Most people are aware that the cause of MS is a genetic predisposition plus some as yet undefined environmental factor. Almost ten years ago I read a strong argument that (…Read More)

Stress is a huge topic. There is no way I could cover it completely in one post. It is significant though, and I would be remiss to ignore it. Stress (…Read More)

A big Thank You to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for letting me know about this! MS Awareness Week  is THIS WEEK (March 2-8) and people everywhere are creating meaningful connections (…Read More)

One of the major key factors in MS for most people is fatigue. It is both a symptom, and something that aggravates symptoms. How is that fair?! The most obvious (…Read More)

I have found myself discontent with the workout schedule that I posted earlier. As of today, I am replacing my squat days with the 200 squat program that I had (…Read More)

I was diagnosed in 2005, and can recognize symptoms from long before then. This site is a place about the positive things in life, in spite of MS. A quick (…Read More)

As someone diagnosed with MS almost ten years ago, I have fought being a member of the “MS Society”. There are as many stories about MS as there are people that (…Read More)