Since moving, and with everything we’ve had to deal with, Exercise is part of my self-care that I have let slide.

Before we moved, working out in the pool at the YMCA was one of the best things I’d ever done for my health. One of the things about moving from an urban to a rural environment is that your choices are more limited. There is no YMCA. There is no indoor public pool. The only pool in the area (A 26 minute drive away) is owned by the local Wellness Complex, associated with the hospital.

So, one of the things I put on my list to take to my first doctor’s appointment was to get access to this pool. My new physician strongly supported me in working out in the pool, and wrote a prescription for an aquatic physical therapist.

When I went to my first appointment, it turned out my insurance requires a baseline test before aqua therapy may begin. So, after jumping through all the hoops, filling out paperwork and sitting in the waiting room, I met Chuck.

Chuck is an older gentleman. He walked me back to the exam room, and we chatted pleasantly. I could feel him analyzing my gate as we walked. He asked me what I would like to be called, Jonathan or Jon. I told him Jonathan was fine, but he could call me Eddy if it would help him to relax. He didn’t get the reference, but it led to a fascinating conversation about books and reading. He recommended I read “The Wahls Protocol“, by Terry Wahls.  I have not yet finished the book, but I did track it down before the end of the day.

Then the testing began in earnest. It was mostly all familiar. He really knew his stuff, though, and zeroed in, digging to the bottom of things I was not aware of. Sensation and strength is lower in my left leg/foot, for instance. By the end of the testing, I was quite fatigued, though I did not realize to what extent until later in the day.

That evening I dealt with a good deal of nerve pain and cramping and nerve pain in my legs and feet. The good news is, I already know the answer to this is exercise. Just like my workout routine expanded when I started working out in the pool, and again when I started the Aquarider program at the YMCA, I am looking forward to seeing what new things I can learn and add to benefit my health through this experience.

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