Back in the saddle

So life got crazy for a bit. Lots of stuff with jobs and family. MSPositive got put on the back burner, but now it’s time to go again!

One of the most interesting things on the MS front is that I’ve started an organized water aerobics class at the local YMCA. The primary focus is on stationary bikes in the swimming pool (!) Apparently it’s a thing – who knew?

This has been challenging for me for several reasons. The biggest one is keeping my feet in the stirrups, and getting them back in when they inevitably slip out. The second is figuring out the coordination to where I can actually push myself. That said, I have seen marked improvement week after week, and am now able to see dramatic improvement in my time spent in the pool.

One of the major changes in my workout is that we are using intervals. I’ve learned that the health benefits far outweigh how I was just pushing myself for a half hour straight. It felt weird at first to be “slacking off” every time I got into a rhythm, but the results speak for themselves.

In one of the classes, we did include a small amount of the workout I had been doing, but there was a broader range of workouts to give a more comprehensive experience. Two of the techniques that provided the most improvement for me personally were a slow walk in which the knees were brought up to a slow count of three between each step, which improved balance, and walking sideways while passing one foot behind the other. I thought of the second one as being like an ice skater as they pivot their hips while gliding around the rink.

The first set of classes has come to completion, and today marked the second set of classes I will be participating in. My goals are to figure out how to keep my feet engaged so I have less down time, and to smooth my motions out so I don’t knock my ankles into the metal bars of the bike. I look forward to being able to share my progress with you next time!


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