Long overdue

So I said this year would be busy.

I said I’d have lots of great news to share with you.

Then I up and disappeared for months on end.

Yeah, sorry about that.

So, what’s up? So glad you asked. We won’t have time to cover everything all in one go, but let’s take a stab at it, shall we?

Has everything been perfect? Absolutely not! Has a lot of it been incredible? Absolutely. Where to begin?

I have a new job. It is a shift from what I’ve been doing, but not by much, so all of my experience is very much applicable.

There have been major changes in my health care and self care which have not been great. I’ve been fighting to get the medicine I need, and paying out of pocket for what I get, which isn’t everything (Ouch!)

I haven’t been making time to work out. Not good. I’ve got to fix that. I’ve gone back from ambition to anxiety, deal with growing chronic leg pain, and legs and feet cramp when I’m trying to fall asleep. So, not great. The good news is I know how to fix it, and just have to make it a priority. Like anything else.

So, why so busy? We’re expecting again. I have been meaning to get to talking about family, but I haven’t yet, so why not now? So yeah, we’re expecting. My wife and I have two young sons now. We’re expecting two more.

Yeah, that’s right, twins.

So, yeah. Busy.

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