So after the exhaustive battery of tests, I am waiting for an appointment with my neurologist to go over the results of said test. This is scheduled for the end (…Read More)

I have been aware that I do better with lists than without them for some time now. It’s a common thing most people that deal with MS are aware of, (…Read More)

On Monday I spent the day at the hospital with the specialist my neurologist sent me to going through a series of cognitive tests. It was both exhaustive and exhausting. (…Read More)

When I first started working out my lower body, I had a significant increase in cramping in my legs, ankles, and feet at the end of the day. I realized (…Read More)

It has been difficult for me to admit to myself that I do deal with cognitive symptoms in MS. This spring I did begin admitting it to myself, and to (…Read More)

I live a far more sedentary life than I used to. Growing up, I would spend all day roaming out in the woods, or playing baseball, or canoeing, or other (…Read More)

In this post I will talk about going through the process of being diagnosed. In 2005, I was dealing with the following symptoms: Trouble with my gate Heat sensitivity Blurred (…Read More)

Most people are aware that the cause of MS is a genetic predisposition plus some as yet undefined environmental factor. Almost ten years ago I read a strong argument that (…Read More)

Stress is a huge topic. There is no way I could cover it completely in one post. It is significant though, and I would be remiss to ignore it. Stress (…Read More)