I’ve been continuing to make improvements around the site, though not all of them may be immediately obvious. For one, I’ve created an Amazon Affiliate program. So far this has just been me giving my time and money to make it happen, but it occurred to me that if posts like Plunging In Again inspire you to buy a product to assist in living your life to the fullest, then I’d be remiss in not getting a portion of the sales price to help the website pay for itself. Maybe I’ll also delve into more projects ideas like that that you can do in the future, too.

Ok, so, I watched Neil Pasricha give a Linkedin Talk talk about The Happiness Equation. It was very good! It’s about an hour long with some Q. and A., and I highly recommend it. He is a great speaker, and has some great things to say. Happiness and positive psychology is a subject I’ve studied for years, and he’s come to a lot of the same conclusions I have. His book is going on my reading list as of right now, and I hope it does yours too. If you like hard copy (There’s nothing else quite like it), you can use the link I posted earlier. However, Kindle books have an unmatched convenience factor, and it looks like there’s a sale on it now – http://amzn.to/2hRLw2G

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