Mental medication

I’ve been working with my neurologist to crack the case of blanking out mentally at work in the afternoon. I spent about a year doing all of the non-pharmaceutical options I knew – meditation, sleep hygiene, dietary, dietary supplements, scheduling habits, brute force of will. I was never able to overcome the issue going this route. I started a stimulant medication, and at the beginning it was pretty rocky. After working with it for a while, we found the correct dose, and it appears to be helping consistently.

After we solved that bit, I started a medication to assist with memory. It was actually engineered as a medication for Alzheimer’s patients, but a number of Multiple Sclerosis patients show positive results with it. Turns out, it looks like I am one of them. All this helps a lot more in conjunction with the other list of non-medicinal solutions, but I am glad in this area to finally be making significant progress!

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