MS Awareness Week

A big Thank You to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for letting me know about this!

MS Awareness Week  is THIS WEEK (March 2-8) and people everywhere are creating meaningful connections stronger than the ones that MS destroys.

During this special week, the Mid South Chapter urges you to take action to help others learn more about MS and what they can do to make a difference!

In what ways can YOU make your connections count? You could try to….

-Attend a MS program with likeminded people and friends

-Join Walk MS in your local community

-Create actionable awareness by becoming a MS Activist and writing your legislators a message explaining to them why MS related legislation is important

-Donate to someone participating in the Savannah Challenge Walk (March 6-8)  Mid South’s team, MS Busters

-Tell someone about MS; post on your Facebook page, send an email, or tell a friend why YOU connect with the Society and others

-Host a DIY event to fundraise dollars that go to supporting research and those living with MS

For more ideas and informaiton, visit and get involved in MS Awareness Week TODAY!!

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