More on water, and a little rambling

So I’ve been in the water regularly, and am already seeing great benefits. It’s not always easy to make it happen, but it is very much worth it. Another important area I’ve let myself go lax on lately is making sure I drink enough water. The last few days I’ve been working to get back into the habit of making sure I get enough. What does that help? Everything, pretty much. Fatigue, cognitive function, overall well-being. I know I’ve touched on this before, but it’s easy to slip into older bad habits without realizing it. I have found things that work better for me to keep on track with it, I just have to remember to do them. The biggest thing for me is to keep a reusable water bottle filled at my desk. I can get three large glasses from it every day and if I fill it first thing I use it. I highly recommend the maker of the one I use:

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