Hello world!

As someone diagnosed with MS almost ten years ago, I have fought being a member of the “MS Society”. There are as many stories about MS as there are people that deal with MS, each of them unique. Unfortunately so much emphasis in the community has been on tragedy that most of the time I engage there I come away feeling more depressed than before I went.

This is a space for my story. There are hard bits of my story, but that’s not the point here. I’m not here to tell you about what I lost, or who I used to be, or how hard everything is. This space is about life, about success, about what works, about how great it is to exist in this amazing and wonderful universe.

I hope in doing this that I will find other people that want to grab this fleeting time we have here and wring it for every last drop they can. That’s what I am here to do.

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