Eating right

Most people are aware that the cause of MS is a genetic predisposition plus some as yet undefined environmental factor. Almost ten years ago I read a strong argument that the environmental factor was in some way related to diet. My experience and those of people I’ve talked to seem to give some credibility to the idea.

The subject has received a lot of attention these days though, and it is generally agreed that there is often a common link between the food and symptoms. Every individual is different when it comes to food and MS. This is the reason why it is so difficult to come to an official medical stand on food as it relates to MS. If it were like arsenic, it would be easy. Nobody has a particularly good tolerance to arsenic. While the food sensitivities vary from person to person, I have worked out what foods I need to avoid though. There do seem to be a set of food sensitivities that are common. For me the primary two are dairy and beans. Dairy is a common one. Gluten is also common. It is a continual learning process for me. I will touch more on the subject in later posts.

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