November 2016

This summer I have continued to work towards working out in the pool four to five times a week. It has not all gone perfectly, but I am seeing progress (…Read More)

One of the biggest lessons I learned this summer was to take care of my feet. I was careless, and wound up with very severe fungal infection all over both (…Read More)

So, I took the summer off updating here, but there are some big changes afoot! There is a lot of work yet to do, but check back frequently to catch (…Read More)

Big news today – This marks the first week I’ve been in the pool every day before work, which was my original goal. How is it going? Well, my original (…Read More)

It has been an interesting experience figuring how best to move in the water. It started as just floating in the water and gradually working my way across to the (…Read More)

This week I started the water aerobic therapy I’d been told would be beneficial. I didn’t really know what I was doing as I waded into the water, and I’m (…Read More)

It has taken me longer than I originally intended to get to this update. I’ve still been working towards my goals. Since my last update, I did go over all (…Read More)

So after the exhaustive battery of tests, I am waiting for an appointment with my neurologist to go over the results of said test. This is scheduled for the end (…Read More)

I have been aware that I do better with lists than without them for some time now. It’s a common thing most people that deal with MS are aware of, (…Read More)